Lea Michele didn't graduate from a Texas high school, but she has now made a speech for one. The actress, best known for her role on the hit TV series Glee, made a commencement speech to the graduating students of Dallas' Uplift Peak Preparatory on Friday.

The speech was part of a campaign from Whirlpool to congratulate parents of graduates for everything they did to help their children to succeed. "Moms and dads, this is your moment, too," Michele said during her speech. "You did it. I know I wouldn't have made it through high school without my parents, Mark and Edith."

Michele made a particularly big deal about the fact that 100 percent of Uplift Peak's students this year not only graduated, but have been accepted into college, which she called "an unbelievable achievement."

She also joked that she, in a way, graduated from high school twice -- although one of those schools, William McKinley High School, was the fictional setting for Glee.

Video by Tommy Noel

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