Most Dallas thing ever? You can exercise in the alley by Neimans, then brunch it off

Spinning is the new yoga; brunch is the new ... actually, no, there's nothing really new about either, but the combination -- as designed for a coming-soon monthly endeavor called Bike + Brunch from downtown's Vital Fitness Studio -- makes so much sense. It's obvious, yet novel. Like "pub runs," (those prolific events pairing distance running with brewery tours or bar crawls) some things just naturally fit together. Bike + Brunch's moment is now.

Case in point: Perhaps you've noticed the growing fleets of people in Dallas sauntering around in Lululemon uniforms that perfectly highlight to-die-for legs. Those people are probably indoor cyclists. They love intense instructors who plan workouts around carefully curated playlists and watching their names aggressively climb to the top of a competitive leaderboard as they "race" other classmates on stationary bikes. Muscle definition is stunning. Resting heart-rate is, like, forty. They are ravenous. Enter: Bike + Brunch.

Beginning March 18, the recurring event will take place every third Saturday. A 45-minute class starts at 11:15 a.m. at Vital, which is located in Main St. Alley between Neiman Marcus and the Joule. Don't worry: It's not a dank, open-air "alley" in the traditional sense.

Taking a spin class between an iconic fashion haven and a five-star hotel is the most "So Dallas" thing we've heard all week. [Please let us know if you can top it.]

After class, brunch is served at Americano, the Joule's casual Italian restaurant, and will include "coffee, mimosas, Nutella doughnuts and choice of an entree from a prix fixe menu," according to a statement. Bike + Brunch costs $40, and space is limited, so pre-registration is a must.

That's already a good deal, but to add a little "Nutella icing" to the reasonably priced doughnut: Valet is included, compliments of the Joule.

If you're into our city like we are, check out!.

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