30 delightful pics that sum up the Katy Trail, Uptown Dallas' outdoor oasis

Sometimes it can be hard to break out of our comfort zones. Maybe you're more at home on an Oak Lawn patio than a Deep Ellum music venue. Perhaps you prefer a chill Lakewood vibe to a swanky Uptown club. That's OK. But, maybe you have a hankering to explore or revisit another side of the city.

What better way to get acquainted with something new than a glimpse through the eyes of those in the middle of their very own urban adventure? That's what this new series, InstaDFW, is all about.

Here are wonderful things you'll likely spot any given day on the Katy Trail.

Beeritas on the Katy Trail Ice House patio

Lovebirds on a sweet stroll

"A Texan style hangover"

Gorgeous dogs playing in Reverchon Park

Runners banking those miles

Cleared minds and mid-run reflections

The distinct feeling of accomplishment during post-run drinks

The beginning of beautiful new friendships

Shooting the breeze at water stops

Dallas' most daring trendsetters

Fuel for further shenanigans

Wildlife and high-rises

Big victories, small victories, balance and perspective

Hotties. Loads of hotties.

Ways to enjoy unseasonably great weather

Local celebrities

Whatever is going on here...

And here...

Families that play together

Cyclists spinning their wheels

Changes to the city landscape

Yogis finding balance in the great outdoors

Reminders this moment is a good one

The best day of someone's life

Goes Well With...

#Food and Drink

Royal 38 will bring cocktails and shared plates to Katy Trail in 2016

#Food and Drink

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