For many Americans, dogs are a full-fledged part of the family. So it's little surprise that recent trends have seen Man's Best Friend strutting along with humans' best names. Once again, Bella takes the top spot nationwide, according to surveys conducted by, a company that connects owners with pet care services like sitters, in-home boarding, walkers and day care centers. crunched user-submitted data from "hundreds of thousands of pet parents, pet sitters and dog walkers" to determine this year's top dog names both across the country and in major cities specifically, a press release says. Dallas' top dog names align with national trends. 

Top dog names in Dallas for 2016

The 5 most popular dog breeds in Dallas in 2015

Male / female dogs:
1. Max / Bella
2. Charlie / Lucy
3. Buddy / Daisy 
4. Cooper / Lola
5. Jack  / Luna estimates that 28 percent of all dog names are "decidedly human," the release says. Also on the rise: pop culture names, especially among Millennials, 75 percent of whom named their dogs after fictional characters or celebrities. 

Those "young, scrappy and hungry" Americans didn't throw away their shot at great pet names, choosing inspirational and aspirational monikers like Hamilton, Beyonce and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Pokemon names were trending downward nationally until the release of Pokemon Go. Names like Eleven and Barb surged thanks to the popularity of Stranger Things, this summer's '80s throwback style TV hit (which has been officially renewed for Season Two). 

But, let's take a closer look at local trends

Dallas' top dog names aren't entirely surprising, but neither are they entirely ... interesting.'s virtual magnifying glass draws out some more colorful trends. 

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The name Frito is up 62 percent. Likely not due to Garth Brooks' recent album release stunt ... or is it? The superstar gave away free new music via a code on the inside of chip bags in October. 

Selena grew in popularity by 102 percent locally. surmises this is because fans are still celebrating the beloved late Queen of Tejano, and that may well be true. Makeup company M.A.C. worked with her estate to create a Selena Quintanilla cosmetics line this year, and Madame Tussauds Hollywood also revealed a "shocking" wax figure of the late singer in August. She will also receive a posthumous star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame in 2017. 

But, we're wondering if Quintanilla namesake and former Disney star Selena Gomez might also have had an effect. The star's meteoric rise continued in 2016 as she eclipsed other shining names to become Instagram's most popular user, and eventually be named the first celebrity to hit 100 million followers on the social media platform a few months later. She pulled off an incredible performance at Dallas' AAC in June, and she stunned with a passionate speech after winning the American Music Awards' top recognition for pop-rock female in November. 

Jerry, Dez and Cowboys (yes ... in the plural) were trending, which is no surprise to local football fans, both bandwagon and lifelong. We're expecting Dak and Zeke to skip ahead in 2017.

This pup's name is Ripley, but she likes dressing up like a Rangers fan.

This pup's name is Ripley, but she likes dressing up like a Rangers fan.

Eve Edelheit / The Dallas Morning News

Other seemingly sports-ball related names were also on the rise: Ranger, up 12 percent; Maverick, up 28 percent; Cowboy, up 15 percent; and Texas, up 21 percent. Though, if we're being honest, those also sound appropriate for any rough-and-tumble Texan. 

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