10 awesome #animalsofdallas to follow on Instagram

Some of Instagram's cutest animals can be found in Dallas-Fort Worth. Check out these 10 accounts to keep your Instagram scrolling animal-happy.

Bacon the Piglet

Bacon frequents the pool and lounge chairs at Trophy Ranch. A true ladies' man, he says, "what I love about Texas is all of the hot babes of course!"

Nelson the Goldendoodle

When Nelson finishes up work, he enjoys cruising around in his snazzy motorcycle sidecar playing his favorite song: "Ride" by Twenty One Pilots.

Da Vinci, Einstein, Shakespeare

Einstein and Shakespeare are always photogenic, even in the bathroom.

Scooby the Corgi

Jumping into summer, Corgi-style.

Tingo the Hedgehog

"I'll take cream and sugar, please."


Roo is a sassy Lab-and-blue heeler rescue pup. Roo's ready for the weekend, are you?

Simba the Fluffy

"Purrlease follow me on Insta?"

Zoe the Frenchie

Though Zoe's the "happiest lil Frenchie you ever did see," sometimes she just has to rest from the exhaustion of being adorable.

Turbo and Ludy

Inseperable brother and sister, jammin' to their favorite tunes.

Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo offers the greatest variety of animal pictures, from this baby antelope to elephants, giraffes, turtles and more.

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