Here in Dallas, we love dogs. There's no hiding that fact. We also love our local celebs, from our business moguls to our talk show hosts and even our city officials. With Microsoft's new app, Fetch, our two loves have become one.

Of course, the app does more than just tell you what kind of dog you look like, it's actually pretty useful. Adopting a puppy and can't figure out what breed it is? Fetch snaps a photo and identifies it for you, and if it can't find an exact match, the app will give you a percentage of the next closest canine. 

You can even search things like "hypoallergenic dog" and find a breed for you if you can't stop the sniffles. 

Anyway, we took the obvious course of action. Here are what some local celebs would look like if they became canine companions. If you want to try it out for yourself, head here or download Fetch on iOS (Sorry, Android users.)

Dirk Nowitzki

Mark Cuban

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings

Demi Lovato

Owen Wilson

Nick Jonas

Erykah Badu

Miranda Lambert

Jerry Jones

Selena Gomez

And last but not least... Meat Loaf 


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