Hibiscus Saison from Adelbert's Brewery in Austin

Hibiscus Saison from Adelbert's Brewery in Austin

Adelbert's Brewery

Hibiscus Saison

BREWERY: Adelbert's Brewery in Austin

STYLE: Saison. Also called farmhouse ales, these ales typically have a fruity aroma and yeasty, tart flavor. They tend to be semi-dry with a touch of fruity sweetness.

THE PITCH: This dry, refreshing saison is brewed with hibiscus, which lends a floral aroma and a deep purplish-pink color. The hibiscus flavor is cranberry-like and pleasantly tart, with just a hint of sweetness. Tropical fruit and citrus flavors are also prominent, and faint spice and yeast notes lend complexity. This is an easy-drinking beer, with an alcohol content of 5.6%, and low effervescence.

FUN FACTS: After last year's successful debut in bombers, the brewery packaged the ale in cans this year. Although released in Austin over the summer, this beer only recently hit the Dallas market. Both Adelblert's Hibiscus Saison and Naked Nun are the first beers that the brewery has released in cans. The pink can ties in with Adelbert's campaign for breast cancer research; a portion of sale proceeds benefits Breast Cancer Resource Center of Texas.

SERVE IT/PAIR IT: Besides being a good patio sipper, this saison would be great with Thanksgiving dinner -- the same way that tart cranberry relish complements the meal. It would go well with blue cheese, salads, pulled pork and tacos, too.

GET SOME: Sold in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans for about $9.49 at Whole Foods, select Spec's, Fossil Creek Liquor, Central Market in Southlake, and many independent stores that sell craft beer.

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