One of Martin House Brewing Company's signature beers

One of Martin House Brewing Company's signature beers

Martin House Brewing Company

Use the interactive below to check out how many specific styles are available locally:

Though the birthplace of the India pale ales is across the pond, it's no secret the West Coast fancies itself the style's domestic home. And when it comes to the kind of beer that makes the registers ring here in D-FW, IPAs are the prize-winning cash cow.

We recently took a look at what's brewing -- and therefore what people are drinking -- in North Texas based on year-round style offerings at local breweries. Nineteen of them offer an IPA in their regular portfolio. Throw in variants like the red IPA or imperial IPA, and the less-hoppy brews are left in the suds. If we consider seasonal and limited offerings that splash an IPA with citrus, among other ingredients, what we have here is a boldly bitter rout.

Why is craft beer so expensive?

Once we dig past the IPA, however, a nice balance of flavors reveals itself among the most popular brewing styles. It's hot here, so locals love an easy-drinking lager, blonde or wheat beer. But when savory sipping is in order, there are many imperial stouts, brown ales and red ales to consider. In fact, there are heftier rich imperial stouts available throughout the year than there are standard American stouts. Even the increasingly popular, breakfast-appropriate oatmeal stout can be found more easily in area breweries than a straightforward stout.

With more than 30 different styles of beer brewed by at least two North Texas breweries year-round, we're guessing no one's palate will go unaddressed for long around these parts.

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