Juice Grapefruit Session IPA from Fort Worth's Martin House Brewing Co.

Juice Grapefruit Session IPA from Fort Worth's Martin House Brewing Co.

Martin House Brewing Co.

Juice Grapefruit Session IPA

BREWERY: Martin House Brewing Co., Fort Worth

STYLE: American IPA. Made with American hops, this style is hop-forward and shows more bitterness and citrus or herbal notes than English IPAs do.

THE PITCH: Brewed with grapefruit peel and puréed grapefruit, this refreshing and appropriately hoppy IPA is just right for summer. The tart grapefruit peel complements the bitterness and amplifies the citrus notes of the cascade hops. Though a hop-forward ale, it is nicely balanced and the juicy grapefruit lends another flavor dimension. With an alcohol content of just 5 percent (ABV), it lives up to its billing as a session IPA.

Beer Buzz: Belgian-style ale to pair with your avocado toast

FUN FACTS: After its introduction on draft last year, this beer debuted in cans last week as Martin House's latest limited-production seasonal release. Because of its popularity last summer, Martin House packaged more of this beer than it typically does for its micro-seasonal offerings. The brewery enjoys experimenting with new styles, and does it with such frequency, that it refers to these releases as micro-seasonals.

SERVE IT, PAIR IT: Easy to enjoy on its own, it would also pair well with ceviche, salads, spicy foods, beef tacos, guacamole.

GET SOME: Sold in six-packs of 12-ounce cans for about $10.50; available for a limited time at liquor stores, supermarkets and specialty stores with large selections of craft beer.

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