Drinking beer all day every day all summer long? Yes, please!

Drinking beer all day every day all summer long? Yes, please!

We've all been there: Day dreaming over happy hour about what life would be like if we could be paid for drinking beer. We already put in the legwork, if only we could monetize the one thing that we never seem to get sick of. Well listen up hopheads, because this might be the opportunity of a lifetime.

World of Beer, the craft-centric bar franchise, is looking for three thirsty interns for send cross-country on the search for good beer and the stories behind them. 

The gig comes with a bonus too -- the company is willing to pay each intern $12,000.

World of Beer is currently accepting intern applications, and on March 26, is hosting its final round of in-person interviews at the WOB location in College Station. If chosen, the interns -- let's just call them the luckiest people in America -- will be expected to blog about beer and breweries as well as create social media content. Additionally, one of their pieces will be published in Draft Magazine.

The internship, which is part-time, is expected to run late-April through July, and includes some travel, for which World of Beer will foot the bill.

I know what you're thinking...

What's the catch?

There's not one, according to Alyssa Ahern, spokeswoman for the company. "It's really just an internship to create content" for the brand, she says.

It will be a competitive gig though. Ahern says a couple hundred people have already applied and been interviewed across the country. World of Beer's ideal candidate is a social media savvy beer drinker with an insatiable passion for spotlighting the people who drive the industry. See more details about the opportunity, including how to apply, here.

You're welcome.

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