We're ready for sunshine, cool breezes and the beers to match.

We're ready for sunshine, cool breezes and the beers to match.


The coming of spring means longer days and warmer temperatures for North Texas. But what good is beautiful weather without a complimentary beverage? Lucky for local drinkers, the change in season also means a new class of limited edition beer offerings. Spring "seasonals," as they're called, tend to be light and refreshing to match those sunny days and cool breezes, and are usually available for a few months. Since 2011, the area has grown from two to more than 20 microbreweries, so consumers now have more choices than ever before.

Here are 12 local brews we're excited to try this season. You'll likely find them at retail stores such as Total Wine or Spec's, as well as beer-focused bars like LUCK, The Common Table, Oak Street Drafthouse and The Bearded Lady.

La Saison des Festivals | Grapevine Craft Brewery

Grapevine's brewers aimed to balance tart and sweet flavors in their light-bodied Belgian-style saison, showcasing grapefruit, citrus and other vibrant notes. Available on draft or in 22-ounce bottles.

Franconia Pils | Franconia Brewing Co.

A new breed of hops called Lemon Drop gives this German pilsner aromas of citrus and melon. But the beer is more than just pretty: Brewer Dennis Wehrmann calls it "earthy and herbaceous." Look for it on draft and in six-packs of bottles.

Till and Toil | Lakewood Brewing Co.

This Belgian-inspired saison is crisp and tart up front, with a bright mouthfeel and pleasantly dry finish. It packs a punch, too, at 7 percent alcohol. Find it on draft or in bottle six-packs.

Irish Goodbye | Peticolas Brewing Co.

This Irish red ale is said to be bold but loveable. At north of 6 percent ABV, the beer is huge on malts, giving it a rounded sweetness, according to brewers. It's also complex with a subtle hop profile in both taste and aroma. The beer is now available on draft.

Hell's Half Acre: Iron Joe | Rahr and Sons Brewing Co.

The first in a new series of small batch offerings, this dark beer marries Rahr's Iron Thistle strong Scotch ale with cold-brewed coffee from Fort Worth's Avoca Coffee Roasters. Not for the faint of palate, it promises robust and rich flavors. Pick it up in bottle four-packs.

Neato Bandito | Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

This take on a Mexican lager was brewed light in body and color, but big in flavor at 6 percent alcohol content. Brewers say it will not only get you through the spring, but also cool you off in the summer. Find it in six-packs of cans and on draft in April.

Paletero Pale Ale | Four Corners Brewing Co.

Described as a classic American pale ale, this beer is light in body as well as hop profile, with notes of grapefruit and pine in the aroma, according to the brewery. It clocks just less than 6 percent ABV. Try it out on draft

Saint Patrick's Irish Red | Shannon Brewing Co.

Described as malt-forward, this 6 percent ABV Irish red ale - a spin-off the the brewery's year-round offering (pictured) - is additionally dry-hopped for an intense aroma and clean, fresh finish. Grab some in 22-ounce bottles, on draft and on nitro at the brewery.

Tweedleyum | Rabbit Hole Brewing

A kiss of strawberry gives this Hefeweizen - Rabbit Hole's first wheat beer - a slightly sour finish, say brewers. This one's practically begging to for a fruit garnish. Grab a pint on draft in April.

Money on My Mind | Martin House Brewing Co.

Expect this strong blonde ale, brewed with orange peel and juniper berries, to be aromatic and effervescent. Sounds sweet, but be careful - it's a heavy hitter at more than 9 percent alcohol. Find it on draft in April.

Scruffy's Smoked Alt | Cedar Creek Brewery

Because of its smoky flavors, brewers say this altbier pairs with grilled foods. It's 5 percent alcohol content and brewed with two different kinds of hops that balance fruity notes of the yeast. It's currently available on draft.

Razzy | Community Beer Co.

Community Beer Co. has reinvented its award-winning witbier by adding raspberry puree and additional spices to the recipe. The beer, which clocks 5.5 percent alcohol content, also brings Community's brew to consumers in cans for the first time. This release is a littler further out; expect to see it in June.

Editor's note: This story has been updated to clarify Shannon's Irish red as it differentiates from the year-round offering. 

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