Sunday, in a matter a minute, Budweiser managed to anger America's entire craft beer community. The company sparked controversy with one of its Super Bowl ads that took a few jabs at craft beer and those who drink it.

Craft Beer Insider Kevin Carr called the spot"desperate" and "defensive." Brian Perkins, Budweiser's vice president of marketing, maintains it wasn't meant to be an attack on the community.

Either way, 60 seconds and the damage was done. Now the craft beer community has rallied via the Internet. Here are 8 ways they've fired back.

1. Craft beer drinkers first retaliated by making way too big deal (bigger than usual, that is) about their brews,

2. and creating hilarious memes,

3. and starting this Pumpkin Peach Ale Twitter account that's been talking about a pumpkin peach ale festival.

4. People made spoofs of the commercial.

5. Abita Brewing Co.'s is definitely the best.

This is our craft and we're proud of it. #PumpkinPeachAle LIKE & SHARE if you stand with the craft beer community.

Posted by Abita Brewing Company on Monday, February 2, 2015

6. The commercial upset a bunch of American craft breweries.

7. Including Anheuser-Busch's most recent craft label acquisition, Elysian Brewing co., which actually makes a peach and pumpkin flavored beer.

8. Even MillerCoors jumped on the bandwagon.

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