It's never a bad time to get into comics. You love the characters, the movies and the fandom, so why not start now?

With so many series and publishers out there, it might be tough to narrow down what you want. That's where we can help. Each week we'll profile the must-have comics for the week and recommend some jumping-on points for you to get reading.

This week's pulls are:

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #18 | Marvel Comics | $3.99

The Jack Kirby-inspired exploits of Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur are honestly one of the best things being done by Marvel right now, giving rightful place to the smartest person in the Marvel universe. The week's issue concludes the "The Smartest There Is" arc, as Moon Girl and her dino friend team up with just about everyone.

Despite its wacky nature, this series from Amy Reeder has an enormous amount of heart. Despite recent speculation on diversity in Marvel's lineup, Moon Girl is a prime example of how to make every little bit count. Honestly? She makes us miss Mr. Fantastic that much less. Long live Luna!

The Flash #21 |DC Comics | $2.99

The mystery of The Button continues in this week's The Flash from Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter. After the secret revelation of the Reverse Flash's demise, The Flash and Batman continue on the case of who killed him, and why did Batman's other Earth dad show up for a quick minute?

As the DC universe treks closer to unraveling its mysterious Watchmen connections, we can't help but stay enthralled by how it's going to play out. Honestly though? Despite how much of a bad guy Reverse Flash is, we're sad to see him return -- and leave (die) -- so soon.

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #1 | Marvel Comics | $3.99

While his new (temporary) costume looks a bit silly, it's good to have Ben Reilly back, as the unexpected returns in comics continue. After playing the villain in the recent Spidey event The Clone Conspiracy, Reilly is looking for another lease on life as he returns to the mantle of Scarlet Spider.

Peter David and Mark Bagley are the perfect team to take on Peter's clone, but will he stay on the side of evil? Or will the Scarlet Spider become a hero once again. Fortunately, we'll get his sweet denim vest costume a few issues in. Thank goodness.

Batman & The Shadow #1 | DC/Dynamite | $3.99

Now this is exciting. Again, DC knocks it out of the park with its publishing partners for another stellar collaboration, this time bringing together The Shadow and The Dark Knight. Not enough for you? 

Well how about acclaimed writer Scott Snyder at the helm with artist Riley Rossmo weaving the vigilantes? Yeah, thought so.

At this point, what's left for DC to crossover? Green Lantern/Green Hornet? Suicide Squad/James Bond? Whatever it is, sign us up.

Big Moose One-Shot | Archie Comics | $4.99

Another New Riverdale one-shot! This time, the biggest jock of them all, Big Moose, takes center stage in a collection of stories from Ryan Cady, Sean Ryan and Gorf, and an artistic team of Cory Smith, Thomas Pitilli and Wilfredo Torres.

Who knows? If Big Moose is anything like Reggie before him, we could see a digital-first ongoing in Moose's future.

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