It's never a bad time to get into comics. You love the characters, the movies and the fandom, so why not start now?

With so many series and publishers out there, it might be tough to narrow down what you want. That's where we can help. Each week we'll profile the must-have comics for the week and recommend some jumping-on points for you to get reading.

This week's pulls are:

Secret Empire #7 | Marvel Comics

Writer: Nick Spencer | Art: Andrew Sorrentino, Rod Reis, Joshua Cassara | Colorists: Rachelle Rosenberg

This week's issue of Secret Empire is the one we've been waiting for -- or at least one of them. After the premonition in Civil War II that Miles Morales would kill Captain America, that just might happen in this issue. 

Well, probably not, but we're excited to see how it does or does not get to that point, with the two characters representing opposite sides of moral high ground in the Marvel Universe. Little did Miles know, that Captain America would go from world saver to Hydra dictator in a matter of months.

Go Go Power Rangers #1 | BOOM! Studios

Writer: Ryan Parrott | Art: Dan Mora 

After a couple of successful Power Rangers stories at BOOM! Studios, the publisher is set to tell one at the beginning of the heroes' mighty morphin' careers. This story will follow the early lives of Kim, Jason, Billy, Zack and Trini after they become the Power Rangers.

It's being billed as a high school-esque series, bringing it more in line with the younger superheroes of the cape comic universes. But we're not gonna lie, the idea of balancing high school life with being a Power Ranger sounds like a great read.

Redneck #4 | Image Comics

Writer: Donny Cates | Art: Lisandro Estherren | Colorist: Dee Cunniffe

Texas-based Donny Cates' stellar vampire drama horror book Redneck continues this week with its fourth issue, promising an attempt from characters Perry and Bartlett to prevent the ruination of their family. Well, moreso than the fact that they're all vampires trying to hide their secrets.

Cates also recently signed an exclusive deal with Marvel to write its new Doctor Strange and Thanos books, so don't expect a quality drop from him any time soon. Read more about Cates' story in his interview with the Morning News here.

The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part One | Dark Horse Books

Writers: Michael Dante DiMartino | Art: Irene Koh | Colorist: Jane Bak, Vivian Ng

Following the events of the incredibly successful The Legends of Korra animated series, this graphic novel is set to explore what's to come of Team Avatar and their new adventures. Written by one of the series creators, expect plenty of lore to go around for Avatar fans.

The story will focus mainly on the spirit world coexisting with the human world, but will also explore the personal lives of Mako, Bolin and the new couple of Korra and Asami -- two characters whose feeling became known during the series finale of Korra. We can't wait!

Saga #45 | Image Comics 

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan | Art: Fiona Staples

What more can be said about Saga, the now multiple Eisner Award-winning series from Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples? The series successfully bounced back from its planned hiatus to tell a tale of war -- something mostly new for a series that's focused mostly on interpersonal relationships.

Saga is still phenomenal, and expect the series to continue its stride with this week's issue, as Hazel and co. make their way into the Badlands. 

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