The New York Times announced today that Ta-Nehisi Coates, famed writer and journalist for The Atlantic will be writing the new ongoing Black Panther series as part of the publisher's new imprint, "All-New, All Different."

While the new push from Marvel is aimed at telling new stories with diverse characters like Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) and Captain America (Sam Wilson), for someone as well regarded on African-American social issues as Coates, this is a dream come true for not only comic book fans, but journalists and activists everywhere.

And Coates himself loves comic books. He's voiced his love for characters like Spider-Man (Miles Morales) on social media outlets and has championed a push for relevancy, progressiveness and diversity in comics.

"I don't experience the stuff I write about as weight," Coates told the New York Times. "I feel a strong need to express something."

Coates' recently published book, "Between the World and Me," is a letter written to his teenage son about the cultural importance and still-existent societal stigmas of being black in America.

The book has been praised for its unafraid transparency and impact.

With Coates now on Black Panther, the sky is the limit for the future of comic books, and we're pretty darn excited for it.

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