There were Dallasites among the many guests gathered in Maine for Barbara Bush's 90th

Unlike her husband, former first lady Barbara Bush did not celebrate her 90th birthday by skydiving. Instead, tents were set up on the lawn of St. Ann's Episcopal Church, down the street from the Bushes' summer home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Performers on hand Monday to sing "Happy Birthday" included Amy Grant and Reba McEntire.

Dallas was well-represented. Former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, were on hand. Seated at Laura Bush's table were philanthropist Lyda Hill and Chief Oil & Gas founder Trevor Rees-Jones and his wife, Jan.

"It was a total love fest," says one guest.

It was also a bit chilly.

As Barbara Bush wanted, the event was a literacy fundraiser. The focus was very much on literacy and the family matriarch despite plenty of off-stage political drama.

No. 2 son Jeb Bush made it to Kennebunkport for his mom's birthday, even though it was on the same day of some dramatic changes in his campaign staff.

Next Monday, Jeb is expected to officially announce that he is running for president. On Monday, he replaced campaign manager David Kochel with 39-year-old Danny Diaz. Kochel will stay on as chief strategist. It was also announced that Jeb adviser Mike Murphy is leaving the campaign to work for the Right to Rise Super PAC.

By Tuesday morning, Jeb was in Germany to begin a five-day trip through Central and Eastern Europe.

Regardless of whether he makes it to the White House, Jeb will be spending more time in Kennebunkport. Construction is nearly complete on a 3,000-squre-foot home he is building on the family compound, Walker's Point. The peninsula was purchased in the late 19th century by President George H.W. Bush's great-grandfather, David Davis Walker, and his grandfather, George H. Walker.

Bush 41 will turn 91 on Friday.

Giants, Cowboys and Stones

Saturday night, the Rolling Stones brought together NFC rivals the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. During visits to AT&T Stadium, Giants' co-owner Steve Tisch normally sits in the visiting owner's box, but not this time. Saturday, he was in Arlington to join the Jerry Jones family in their box for the Stones concert.

The biggest chuckle of the night came when Mick Jagger did his brief rendition of "All My Exes Live in Texas." While his ex Jerry Hall, mother of four of his children, is from this area, she lives in London.

Jagger's ties here are growing thinner. Occasionally, one used to see Jagger children in Dallas visiting their grandmother Marjorie Chamberlain, mother of Hall, but she died two years ago at age 88.

In other news, the Rolling Stones airplane was hard to miss. The Boeing 737-400 has the giant red lips and tongue logo tattooed on its side. On Saturday, it was parked on the Lemmon Avenue side of Love Field near Bachman Lake.

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