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Poo-Pourri CEO Suzy Batiz of Dallas passed the smell test on 'To Tell the Truth' on Tuesday 

Dallasite Suzy Batiz was on To Tell the Truth on Tuesday night.

Anthony Anderson hosts the revival of the 1950s show that's been part of the TV landscape for decades on top of decades. His mother, Doris, serves as the (opinionated) scorekeeper.

A celebrity panel got to grill Batiz and two other people to  guess which one was the founder and CEO of Poo-Pourri. The panel includes Betty White, who  appeared on earlier versions of the series; NeNe Leakes; and Jalen Rose. The special guest panelist Tuesday night was Yvette Nicole Brown.

Suzy Batiz, the creator of Poo Pourri, and the two women pretending to be her on "To Tell...
Suzy Batiz, the creator of Poo Pourri, and the two women pretending to be her on "To Tell the Truth" on Tuesday night.(RON TOM / ABC)

By way of introduction, Anderson said, "Coming up, we've got an inventor whose poop literally does not stink."

Batiz and two other women stepped forward, each introducing themselves with "My name is Suzy Batiz, and I am the inventor of Poo-Pourri."

But only Batiz, "No. 3" to the panel, was sworn to tell the truth.

According to the website, Poo-Pourri is the "first natural, truly effective solution to a universal problem: poop happens, and it stinks."

Jalen was up first and he asked Batiz, "Who came up with the name?" Her sister-in-law.

Betty: "Who were the three guys you shared the bathroom with?" Her husband and "two stinky boys."

Brown: "How come you don't have any unscented versions?"

"You're used to smelling something ...," answered Batiz.

Nene and Yvette whiffed. They chose No. 1, who turned out to be a standup comic. Jalen and Betty chose wisely.

And Anderson got to say, "Everybody gets some Poo-Pourri" as the audience cheered.

Batiz recorded the show in July 2015.

There are several rounds included in each episode of the show. The first round was London Steele, who taught Channing Tatum how to strip. The third round was a son and his birth mother who had been reunited. And then a segment called "Before You Go," in which one of the remaining people has an amazing story of their own. In this case, it was a "May-December romance." The last featured the panelists trying to ferret out a "pastor and a strong man," who attempted "an amazing motorcycle stunt."

The panelists aren't immune to any embarrassment. If they don't guess the correct identities as well as the others, they get a lie tweeted from their own Twitter accounts that they can't deny for 24 hours.

Watch the July 5 episode on Hulu and on the ABC website. The show regularly airs Tuesdays at 9 on ABC.

ABC may have become a new home to game shows, with The Match Game, The $100,000 Pyramid, Celebrity Family Feud and 500 Questions also on the schedule.

But To Tell the Truth is one step away from being a variety show; there's even a live band. It's just so many things to so many people, especially the host's mom that steals the spotlight every time she opens her mouth.

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