Big E Langston drops Antonio Cesaro from his shoulders at WWE Raw at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX on December 16, 2013. (Alexandra Olivia/ Special Contributor)

Big E Langston drops Antonio Cesaro from his shoulders at WWE Raw at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX on December 16, 2013. (Alexandra Olivia/ Special Contributor)

Here are some highlights from a Q&A session with former-Intercontinental champion and current WWE Tag Team champion, The New Day member Big E:

What is it like to work with veteran performers like the Dudley Boyz or your latest rivals, Chris Jericho and A.J. Styles?

Big E: It's very cool. For us, we have an appreciation for the guys that came before us, but at the same time, we don't want to get caught up paying homage to these guys. We still think fairly highly of ourselves, and we are in to win and to entertain people on a nightly basis. That's always been the goal. So, we always tend to see things as challenges, and it excites us. There will definitely be a time where I'm able to look back and say, "Wow. It was very cool to be in the ring with those guys, and that was a special moment." But right now, we're always kind of looking for what's next because we're pretty hungry, we always want more, and we're never satisfied with where we're at.

On The New Day's status heading into WrestleMania...

Big E: It's a big moment for us going in as tag team champions. This, I think, will be the best crowd reaction I've ever had - the hottest I've ever been as far as crowd reaction is concerned. We always kind of have a chip on our shoulder, and always want to prove that we're the best team going, so that's just another platform for us to demonstrate how good we are.

On the post-WrestleMania Raw becoming it's own phenomenon...

Big E: That's the cool thing - the night after WrestleMania has turned into such a big night, as well. It's always something that people look forward to, and that crowd is always boisterous. It's such a cool mix, you have the Europeans who come over for WrestleMania and stay for Raw that night. You have really die-hard fans that really love wrestling who aren't afraid to make noise. That's definitely going to be a big night for us, as well. It's cool to see what that night has become.

What WrestleMania match is he most looking forward to?

Big E: Shane and 'Taker, for sure. I think that's such an interesting matchup with so much on the line that a lot of people will have their eyes turned to that one. And also, I'm really excited to see what the women will do. I'm not sure what that match will be. If I had to guess, I'm assuming, possibly it looks like maybe we're looking at a triple threat for the Divas title - Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha appears to be lining up. There's a decent amount of pressure on those women with the whole 'Diva's Revolution.' I think a lot of people are excited to see what they do to represent for all the talented women in wrestling.

A big WrestleMania surprise from Big E and The New Day?

Big E: We've already kind of started getting people excited about our entrance - which I've kind of wanted to temper expectations, but we had some media hits this morning, and Woods and Kofi were already telling people to look out for our entrance. So, I suppose our WrestleMania entrance is the big plan. There's a good chance that it all gets nixed, and people are very disappointed, but we have something cooking.

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