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Only a fool would waste their time on movie theater popcorn. For one, it's expensive. For two, the butter will almost definitely kill you. Now, corn corn? That's another story. 

There's not much to say about this. A dude snapped a pic of his mother eating corn on the cob while catching a flick. She appears to have smuggled it into the theater in a GladWare container, and seems to have stuck a napkin under her collar to keep her shirt clean from that flying corn juice.  Her son lovingly caught her in action and posted on his Twitter Monday night. 

And, man, everyone can identify with this. Or, well, if not identify, at least admire her ultimate baller status. 

Some users asked Dale why he had to do his mama like that, but he assured them she was OK with his Tweet. He also said that her snack came as a total surprise, Tweeting, "i busted out laughing cuz she whispered in my ear 'you want some corn?' I was like wth from where mom? And she showed me."

One thing we can all agree on? This is one of the most Texan things to happen so far in 2016. 

Can we get a 'Texas, Y'all'?

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