Husbands Chris and Scott Lindsay were no doubt elated to celebrate their marriage with friends and family at the W Hotel in Dallas July 8, but neither the couple nor wedding attendees knew about a surprise guest on the invite list.

Singer Jennifer Hudson crashed the party to give Mr. and Mr. Lindsay her best wishes to the tune of her single "I Still Love You." 

Hudson is spokeswoman for the Turn It Up For Change campaign, a joint effort between the Human Rights Campaign and W Hotels to "amplify the fight for marriage equality in all 50 states," according to Anthony Ingham, W Hotels Global Brand Leader. The initiative took root about 18 months ago and included events at W Hotels nationwide to not only raise awareness, but also raise funds for HRC.

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Chris and Scott, who are both active members of HRC, said their wedding day felt something like a rebirth.

"The recognition of our relationship feels like we are born as real humans again. Like we lived a life as straight. We got married and had kids, and we realized we couldn't do that anymore and now it feels like another sort of plateau we've reached," said Scott. "In the eyes of law, which is what really matters, we're equal and that's a huge thing."

Although marriage equality was achieved nationwide on June 26 per a Supreme Court ruling, Ingham said the Turn It Up For Change campaign will continue. Whatever issue the HRC decides to take up next, whether that be employment, housing, etc. equality for LGBT citizens, W Hotels will help them raise awareness, he said.

For more information, visit the Turn It Up For Change website.

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