My co-worker, Sarah Blaskovich, is wonderful. But the woman needs some nerd culture in her life. The Avengers? She hasn't seen it. Star Wars? Nuh-uh. Game of Thrones? She knows nothing, Jon Snow.

So we grabbed a Dallas Morning News video guy, Tommy Noel, and my fellow GuideLive geek Shannon Sutlief, and we took Sarah to Dallas Comic Con. You can see how it went in the video above (it was the exact mix of "perfectly" and "horribly" that you'd hope for).

One thing she said often: "Everyone here is so nice!" It's true. The attendees at Dallas Comic Con are some of the friendliest people around. Even if you ask them very dumb questions about their costumes they're always happy to answer.

We even ran into a pretty impressive Spock impersonator who managed to stay in-character and act perplexed by Sarah's iPhone when she tried to take a selfie with him.

"I'm considering moving to this planet and I might have to get one of these," he said.

"An iPhone?"

"No, a female."

Sarah laughed. "You have to date them, first."

All in all it was a successful first attempt to wade into the geek waters. We met some great people, learned some great things and, I think, we can get her back next year.

Maybe we'll even be in costume next time.

We'll have more from Dallas Comic Con throughout the weekend, so be sure to keep coming back to

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