The newest Star Wars movie is so close I can practically feel the Force awakening. Disney and Lucasfilm are getting fans hyped up for the film with the Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim, California this weekend, and they kicked things off with a major bang by releasing a new trailer for the film.

It's short, so you should just go watch it about five times in a row like I did, but there's a lot of exciting stuff packed into it, including an appearance by two old favorite characters.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser is teased

If that nerdy trailer just isn't enough for you, then how about another one? Warner Bros. has confirmed that the first trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice will debut on April 20 during special events at select IMAX locations. If that's too far away, director Zack Snyder also offered up a teaser for the teaser -- an incredibly short video showing off no more than Superman and Batman's empty suits.

If you're hoping to see that IMAX presentation yourself, you may be out of luck. The only Dallas location was sold out less than an hour after the announcement. But don't worry -- I'm sure the trailer will hit the Internet sooner rather than later.

Guitar Hero is still alive

So Batman, Superman and Star Wars are all making returns, what else can come back? How about rhythm games? Following a lot of rumors, Activision has confirmed a new game in the Guitar Hero series, called Guitar Hero Live. True to its name, the game hopes to make you feel more like you're part of a live performance, and they're going to do that by using first-person, live-action concert footage instead of the old computer generated stuff you'd see in previous games in the series. 

The guitar is also different this time around. Instead of the recognizable row of five colored buttons, the new plastic instrument has six buttons across two rows, which they hope will better emulate the feeling of playing a guitar.

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