Pokemon Go is still really popular, but it's not being played by the same massive amounts of people who were opening the app every day last summer when the game first launched. Presumably, a lot of those people dropped off when they felt they had caught everything there was to catch near them. After all, the initial batch of pocket monsters available was limited to the original 151 from the first Pokemon video games, Red and Blue.

Later this week, the roster expands. Niantic and The Pokemon Company announced on Wednesday that they're bringing more than 80 new Pokemon to the game.

The Pokemon in question are from the world's Johto region -- or, if you're not familiar with Pokemon geography, they're the Pokemon that were introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, the second generation of games in the series. Some of the original 151 Pokemon you might have caught in the game already also have new evolutions.

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The big update isn't all about new things to track down, though. The developers of Pokemon Go are also adding "new encounter gameplay" to liven up the act of catching monsters, as well as new berries that you can use to slow Pokemon down or double the amount of candy you earn once they're caught.

If aesthetics are more your thing, the update also comes with customization options for you avatar, including new hats, shirts, pants and "other items."

Are these additions enough to get you back into the game, or is that initial magic already gone?

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