"Ma'am, it's not safe to follow a Squirtle into traffic."

That's just one of the lessons in a video the Irving Police Department released this week, urging  people to play Pokemon Go safely.

The video comes after accidents involving Pokemon Go have been reported, including  one in Baltimore, where a distracted player crashed into a parked police car.

There have been all sorts of other incidents involving the hugely and suddenly popular mobile app game.

A Flower Mound teen was bitten by a venomous snake last week while looking down at his phone and playing the game. A teenager in Wyoming found a dead body while playing the game near a river. 

Here are the six key takeaways from the Irving police video: 

1. Don't play and drive. 

2. Watch where you walk.

3. Play with friends.

4. Protect your valuables. 

5. Don't get lured into a trap. 

6. Don't go onto private property.

Although it's hard to pick just one best part from this video, the ending message is pretty sweet: 

Gotta catch 'em all! But safely. 

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