Super Mario Maker is the gift that keeps on giving. The easy-to-use creation tools mean that for the last several months (and for the foreseeable future) Wii U owners have been treated to a seemingly limitless stream of Super Mario Bros. levels to play.

Now, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines has joined the fray. The company has collaborated with Nintendo to create the "Southwest Air Adventure" event course, which you can play right now by going to the appropriate menu in Super Mario Maker. "Users will take to the skies in an air-travel adventure," Southwest says, "with unique Southwest-themed obstacles before ending at our signature Southwest Heart, made out of coins, of course!"

There's a cool perk in it for old school Mario fans, though. By collecting a mystery mushroom in the course you will unlock the Sky Pop costume for use in the game. It's appropriate for Southwest Airlines because it's Mario inside a plane, but anyone who owned a Game Boy will probably recognize the sprite from the classic game Super Mario Land.

It may seem weird, but this isn't the first time Nintendo has partnered with an outside company for Super Mario Maker event courses. They've been doing it with a variety of guest level creators, including Facebook and Mercedes-Benz.

You can see the Sky Pop costume in action in this Japanese trailer (via Polygon).

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