Despite publicly complaining about its repetitive nature, I played quite a bit of Destiny and its first expansion, The Dark Below. But I'm the kind of person who's OK with playing content once and moving on, rather than going through it over and over again (which is something Destiny currently thrives on), so I haven't put the disc into my PS4 in awhile.

So I'm glad to hear that the game will be getting a bunch of new stuff to do in its second expansion pack, The House of Wolves, which is coming out on May 19. Without playing it, it's hard to say how much it will keep Destiny players coming back, but if they already paid for the game's season pass then The House of Wolves is part of that. So you might as well check it out when it's released, right?

The first story-heavy trailer, which Activision calls a "prologue," is below.

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