Even if you've never heard of Dallas-based game developer Nerve Software, you're probably familiar with some of their work. They work with other developers and have had a hand in several Call of Duty games (including Black Ops and the most recent entry, Advanced Warfare), Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil and more.

After experimenting with Kickstarter (which The Dallas Morning News wrote about back in 2013) and working on it for a few years, Nerve just released its first fully independent PC game: Burnstar. It's available on Steam right now for $9.99 (or less. As of this writing it's 10 percent off).

The developer sent me a review code for the game earlier this month, and I like what I've played of it so far. There's no real shortage of puzzle games on PC, but this one has a real Bomberman-meets-Chip's Challenge vibe that I appreciate.

You get a choice of four playable characters, each with different special abilities that you can use to get through a level (or get through it more quickly), but the basics are the same no matter who you play as: You collect bombs, you bomb things, you get stars.

Sounds simple, but there are a lot of other factors at play, such as oil slicks that will spread fire from explosions and tiles that will propel you from one side of the level to the other. Perhaps most importantly, however, you have to keep a close eye on how many explosives you have at a time, because you need to make sure you've collect enough stars to open the level's exit before you run out.

Collecting enough stars to complete a stage is one thing. Collecting all the stars is another. But collecting all the stars quickly and leaving no stone unturned is the ultimate goal, and one you're scored on at the end of every level.

There's local co-op, but no online multiplayer or leaderboards. Still, there's enough here to justify your $10. Burnstar is a likable puzzle game from a local studio, and I think it's worth checking out.

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