Plano-based Gearbox Software struck gold with Borderlands. The series with roughly a bajillion guns has been a huge success worldwide, and Borderlands 2 is publisher 2K's best-selling game of all time. Their convention panels are packed, their swag sells out quick and their fanbase is strong.

Gearbox's next game, though, isn't Borderlands -- it's Battleborn, a very different, multiplayer-focused game. Borderlands 3 is only now gearing up for development (the developer announced at PAX South earlier this year that they're now hiring for the project). 

But that doesn't mean you can't get your Borderlands fix in the meantime. Because there's a lot of Borderlands stuff on the horizon.

In fact, one of the weirder (but cooler) bits of Borderlands content can be experienced right now. At PAX East, Gearbox and Harmonix announced that you could play as the Borderlands characters Claptrap and Nisha in Dance Central Spotlight on the Xbox One. 

It's a free bonus to anyone who owns the dancing game (which is pretty good, by the way). Just go to the character select screen and press XXXXX to play as Claptrap or YYYYY for Nisha.

Weird? Totally. Perfect? Yes.

If you're playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (the sort of Borderlands 1.5 entry in the series, which was developed primarily by 2K Australia), you have new DLC to look forward to this month in the form of Claptastic Voyage. It launches March 24 alongside the Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack 2 (included with the DLC), which raises the in-game level cap to 70. That launches March 24.

What's that? You haven't played The Pre-Sequel yet because you were too busy with your new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Well, the game is coming to both those newer platforms in The Handsome Collection, which throws together The Pre-Sequel, Borderlands 2 and all the DLC for both games into one $59.99 package. They've also been able to squeeze 4-player splitscreen co-op into the game, which is pretty awesome.

Lastly, Telltale Games recently announced that Episode 2 of their Tales From the Borderlands series, Atlas Mugged, is coming March 17. It's been a very long wait since the first episode was released back in November, in part because that episode was really good. 

The folks at Telltale make some amazing adventure games, but Tales From the Borderlands still managed to stand out. I'm hoping the second episode maintains the quality of the first.

So yeah, all you die-hard Borderlands fans are going to be busy this month, but it looks like you'll be having a blast with it all.

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