(left to right) Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer in THE GIFTED premiering this fall on FOX. 

(left to right) Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Amy Acker and Stephen Moyer in THE GIFTED premiering this fall on FOX. 

Ryan Green/FOX

Updated 1:54 p.m. June 22, 2017 

Fox, CBS and NBC have announced their fall premiere dates, with the week of Sept. 25 the big date. 

Just some warning: There's been some juggling of the schedules.

Updated 10:30 a.m. May 31, 2017

Though we know how the story ends, Tuesday was a sad day for fans as Underground will apparently end after two seasons.

WGN's new leadership group is taking the network in a new direction away from scripted series. 

The cancellation of ratings smasher Outsiders was quickly announced, but the fate of the groundbreaking action drama about slaves on the run -- and playing offense -- was left in the air as the commercial and critical hit show was shopped around and passed up by other networks, including BET and OWN.

Singer John Legend, who is an executive producer for the series, vowed on Twitter to find a new home for the show in which he portrayed Frederick Douglass.

Previously: For some, the week when networks announce their fall schedules is the most wonderful time of the year. 

Even with the fractured TV scheduling model, fall is still the most treasured of spots. It signals a belief from a network that a show will do well, and do well representing them.

The CW announced its slate Thursday; CBS on Wednesday and NBC and Fox on Monday.

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Along with the joy that comes from finding a place on the schedule, though, comes the agony of cancellation. 

And then there are the fans who still have some fight in them. Late last week, NBC announced the cancellation of Timeless. Days later, the network relented in the face of the fandom.

Who says votes don't count? So, what's good? Right now, with only trailers to go by, it's hard to tell. What you really want to know anyway is when the musical episodes are coming. 

Here's the upcoming fall schedule, complete with cancellations and some hot shows slated for mid-season*.

The CW

Gone: The Vampire Diaries, Reign, No Tomorrow, Frequency

New,  notable: Black Lightning, Life Sentence


7 p.m. Supergirl 

8 Valor: This military drama wrapped in a mystery follows the aftermath of a secret mission to Somalia that goes awry and leaves even more secrets in its wake. 


7 p.m. The Flash 

8 p.m. DC'S Legends of Tomorrow


7 p.m. Riverdale

You'll either love or hate new TV show 'Riverdale' featuring Archie, Jughead and the gang

8 p.m. Dynasty: Grant Show takes on the iconic role of Blake Carrington in this story that kicks off with daughter Fallon's fight for  power, fall from grace, or whichever way the wind blows on this reboot of the night-time soap.


7 p.m. Supernatural 

8 p.m. Arrow


7 p.m. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

8 p.m. Jane the Virgin


Jury's still out: Ransom

Gone: 2 Broke GirlsCriminal Minds: Beyond Borders, The Great Indoors, Doubt, BrainDead, American Gothic, The Odd Couple, Pure Genius, Training Day

Notable and new: Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access


Sept. 25

7 p.m. The Big Bang Theory

7:30 Young Sheldon:  (preview) This comedy focuses on Big Bang Theory resident annoying guy Sheldon Cooper, who will be 9 in the series and going to high school in East Texas. Real-life Texan Jim Parsons, who plays grown-up Sheldon, will be an executive producer and narrate. (Now, that's a hustle: One character, three checks.)

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8 p.m. Kevin Can Wait

8:30 p.m. Me, Myself & I: Why didn't I know that De La Soul got a TV series? Oops, my bad. Bobby Moynihan (late of Saturday Night Live) plays Alex in present day in this story about how he came to be where he is and where he's going. Sitcom vet John Larroquette (Night Court, The John Larroquette Show) and newcomer Jack Dylan Grazer play older and younger versions of the character, who, for now, lives in Urkel's (Jaleel White, along for the gag) garage. Really. Series premieres Oct. 30.

9 p.m. Scorpion

Starting Oct. 2

7 p.m. The Big Bang Theory

7:30 9JKL: High-flying actor Josh (Mark Feuerstein) moves back home after losing it all in a divorce. The yuks come in because he moves into an apartment next to his parents (Linda Lavin and Elliott Gould) in this comedy.

8 p.m. Kevin Can Wait

8:30 p.m. Me, Myself & I

9 p.m. Scorpion

Oct. 30

7 p.m. Kevin Can Wait

7:30 p.m. 9JKL

8 p.m. Me, Myself & I

8:30 p.m. Superior Donuts (Oct. 30)

9 p.m. Scorpion


Sept. 26

7 p.m. NCIS

8 p.m. Bull

9 p.m. NCIS: New Orleans


Sept. 27

7 p.m. Survivor

8 p.m. SEAL Team: David Boreanaz (Bones) may have stumbled into prime-time TV courtesy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it's 20 years later and he's still got something to show for it. In his latest, he's haunted by an operation that didn't go as planned.

9 p.m. Criminal Minds 


Sept. 28

7 p.m. NFL Thursday Night Football (Sept. 28)

Starting Nov. 2

7 p.m.  The Big Bang Theory

7:30 p.m. Young Sheldon 

8 p.m. Mom 

Shemar Moore says goodbye to 'Criminal Minds' anchor Derek Morgan

8:30 p.m. Life in Pieces 

9 p.m. S.W.A.T.: Shemar Moore (Criminal Minds) stars in this reboot of the cop show from the '70s. Justin Lin directs. Expect emotion, and explosions, when the season premieres Nov. 2.


Sept. 29

7 p.m. MacGyver

8 p.m. Hawaii Five-O 

9 p.m. Blue Bloods 


7 p.m. Crimetime Saturday

8 p.m. Crimetime Saturday 

Sept. 30

9 p.m. 48 Hours


Sept. 24

6 p.m. 60 Minutes

Starting Oct. 1

7 p.m. Wisdom of the Crowd: Jeremy Piven plays a tech guru struck with grief over the murder of his daughter. He develops a platform to crowd-source crime-solving so he can find her murderer. While gathering evidence, the platform helps solve other crimes. Richard T. Jones co-stars.  

8 p.m. NCIS: Los Angeles

Oct. 8

9 p.m. Madam Secretary


Jury's still out: 500 Questions

Gone: The Catch, Conviction, Imaginary Mary, Notorious, The Real O'Neals, Time After TimeLast Man Standing, American CrimeSecrets and Lies, Dr. Ken

Notable and new mid-season: For the PeopleAlex, Inc.

New in 2018: Roseanne, American Idol

Would we love the new 'American Idol' with an all-Texas judges' table? You can bet your reboot on it


7 p.m. Dancing with the Stars 
9 p.m. The Good Doctor


7 p.m. The Middle 
7:30 p.m. Fresh Off the Boat  
8 p.m. black-ish  
8:30 p.m. The Mayor:  Rapper Courtney Rose (Brandon Micheal Hall) runs for mayor for kicks (and publicity), wins and decides to use his powers for good. Where do they get this stuff? 9 p.m.

The Gospel of Kevin: A self-absorbed Kevin (Jason Ritter) goes on a mission from above (around?) to save the world under the direction of a woman named Yvette (Texan Cristela Alonzo).


7 p.m. The Goldbergs

7:30 p.m. Speechless

8 p.m. Modern Family

I'm sorry 'Last Man Standing' was canceled, conservatives, but don't boycott ABC over it

8:30 p.m. American Housewife 

9 p.m. Designated Survivor


7 p.m. Grey's Anatomy 
8 p.m. Scandal 
9 p.m. How to Get Away with Murder


7 p.m. Once Upon a Time 

8 p.m. Marvel's Inhumans:  Black Bolt and his Inhuman royal family get the series treatment in the latest of the comics company's foray into television.

9 p.m. 20/20


7 p.m. Saturday Night Football


6 p.m. America's Funniest Home Videos 

7 p.m. To Tell the Truth  

8 p.m. Shark Tank  

9 p.m. Ten Days in the Valley


Jury's still out: The New Celebrity Apprentice; The Biggest Loser

Gone: Grimm, Aquarius, Powerless, Emerald City, The Blacklist: Redemption; Chicago Justice

Notable and new: A.P. Bio, Champions, Good Girls, Reverie, Rise, The Handmade Project, Two (2) untitled game shows; Trial & Error will return mid-season


Sept. 25

7 p.m. The Voice

9 p.m. The Brave: A surgeon has been kidnapped in a hostile country for her skills. An elite team helicopters in to save her.


Sept. 26

7 p.m. The Voice

8 p.m. This Is Us

Six TV shows worth looking at this fall

9 p.m. Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders: Don't they already have this show? Isn't it called Dateline? I mean, the show is already ripping from the headlines. Edie Falco stars as defense attorney Leslie Abramson.


Sept. 27

7 p.m. The Voice/The Blacklist returns Oct. 4 

8 p.m. Law & Order: SVU

9 p.m. Chicago P.D.


Sept. 28

7 p.m. Superstore

7:30 p.m. The Good Place

8 p.m. Will & Grace: The show returns with the original cast intact of Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, Megan Mullaly and Debra Messing.

8:30 p.m. Great News

9 p.m. Chicago Fire


Oct. 4

7 p.m. Blindspot

Sept. 29 

8 p.m. Dateline NBC


7 p.m. Dateline Saturday Night Mystery

9 p.m. Saturday Night Live encores


6 p.m. Football Night in America

7:20 p.m. NBC Sunday Night Football


Jury's still out: Hotel Hell, Wayward Pines, Home Free, 24: Legacy

Gone: Bones, Sleepy HollowPitch, Rosewood, Scream Queens, Sleepy Hollow, Son of Zorn, APB and Making History

Notable and new mid-season: 9-1-1, The Resident, LA to Vegas


Oct. 2

7 p.m. Lucifer

8 p.m. The Gifted: A family goes on the run when the children start showing powers, mutant-style. You'd better believe things blow up in the Dallas-shot X-Men-affiliated drama.

Director gives closer look at Polaris on Dallas set of Marvel X-Men show 'The Gifted'


Sept. 26

7 p.m. Lethal Weapon

8 p.m. The Mick

8:30 p.m. Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Sept. 27 

7 p.m. Empire

8 p.m. Star


Sept. 28

7 p.m. Gotham

8 p.m. The Orville: Seth McFarland goes 400 years into the future with this show set in space.*


Sept. 29

7 p.m. Hell's Kitchen

8 p.m. The Exorcist


6 p.m. NFL on Fox

Oct. 1

6:30 p.m. The OT/Bob's Burgers

7 p.m. The Simpsons

7:30 p.m. Ghosted: Sitcom veterans Craig Robinson and Adam Scott star in this show about "unexplained phenomena."

8 p.m. Family Guy

8:30 p.m. Last Man on Earth

*-- The Orville will have a special series premiere on Sunday, Sept. 10, and Sunday, Sept. 17, at 7 p.m., immediately after the NFL on Fox doubleheader

Cable, streaming

Gone: UndergroundOutsiders, Salem, WGN America; Sweet/Vicious, Loosely Exactly Nicole, Mary + Jane, MTV; Man Seeking Woman, FXX; The Knick, Cinemax; Incorporated, Syfy; Girl Meets World, Disney Channel; Good Girls Revolt, Amazon; Impastor, TV Land; Marco Polo, The Get Down, Netflix; Masters of Sex, Showtime; Dead of Summer, Guilt, Freeform; The Leftovers, HBO; Sense8, Netflix

Jury's still out: Fargo, Louie, FX; Silicon Valley, Veep, HBO

Executive producer John Legend goes 'Underground' as Frederick Douglass in Season 2 of WGN America show

What's interesting

Who Run the World?: Sarah Jessica Parker and Morgan Spurlock are executive producers of this documentary series about women around the world. TNT

Michael Moore Live From the Apocalypse: The documentary filmmaker plans to blow the whistle, while starring, directing and producing, on everything. TNT

Drop the Mic: Method Man and Hailey Baldwin will host the James Corden-produced music comedy series that pits celebrities against each other in rap battles. TBS

Miracle Workers: Dallasite Owen Wilson stars with Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) in a comedy set in heaven. Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live) is the producer. But, hmmm, where have we heard this joke before? TBS

The Joker's Wild: Snoop Dogg will host the rebooted game show. TBS

The Last O.G.: Tracy Morgan, Cedric the Entertainer and Taylor Mosby have a show. Who cares what it's about? TBS

Pope: Six-part series that goes behind the scenes at the Vatican through the years. CNN

*-- You keep watching, and we'll keep updating.

Correction at 3:30 p.m. May 31, 2017: An earlier version of this story misidentified the star of  9JKL. His name is Mark Feuerstein. 

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