Texan contestants Rick Perry and Vanilla Ice were eliminated from Dancing With the Stars a long time ago, but if you stopped watching back then, you might want to catch up with finale, which aired Tuesday night. Specifically, you might want to catch Vanilla Ice's performance of "Ice Ice Baby."

Why? Because this happened.

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

There was some other nonsense throughout the show about the remaining contestants vying one last time for the judges' favor before a winner being announced, but none of that matters. As seen above, the former governor of Texas, former presidential candidate and possible Trump cabinet member Rick Perry wore a backwards baseball cap, threw some headphones around his neck and rocked out on a turntable.

He did say he would be back, after all.

2016, y'all. What a freakin' weird year.

Not seen in the YouTube clip of the performance is the interview with Erin Andrews after, in which (according to Mediaite) she asked Perry, which event was more surreal, dancing with Vanilla Ice or the "big meeting in New York yesterday."

Perry answered "Can I take 'no comment' on that at the moment?" Then, "Being with Vanilla Ice is always number one!"

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Kelsey McNeal/ABC
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