It's your chance to prove that your favorite auntie really is a know-it-all when Family Feud holds auditions in Dallas on Dec. 3 and 4.

But first, you have to apply by email to get your family's feet in the door at The location for the Dallas tryouts won't be revealed until the audition appointment is set. (More audition dates and actual locations will be announced later.) 

Feel free to attach family pictures to the email. 

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Sending a video is also allowed, with some conditions:

"At least 5 family members are required." You should introduce yourselves, including where you're from. 

Most of all, officials advise, "stand out."

Pulling out all the stops can only help your chances to keep on moving to the audition; it's here where I feel it's my duty to point out how close the word family is to the word fail. 

And there are rules, including being a U.S. citizen and you can't be running for political office. Find the full list at the Audition page on

If y'all somehow can't make it to the live auditions, go to the Audition by Video page. Or call the Contestant Department Hotline at 323-762-8467.

Win or lose, it'll be worth the trip to Atlanta where they tape the show to see host Steve Harvey go head-to-head with the know-it-all.

You know you have one.

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