WFAA studio

WFAA studio

JOHN F. RHODES/File photo

If you were watching WFAA last night for a weather update, you might have heard more than you bargained for.

As seen in a video posted on Twitter by CBS 11 reporter J.D. Miles, Channel 8 weatherman and everybody's favorite late night tornado tweeter Pete Delkus was interrupted by random shouts of obscenities. (Language warning for the video below, though you need to listen pretty closely to make out any words at all.)

That tweet spawned a lot of retweets and speculation (both on Twitter and on Reddit) about what the heck could be happening in the WFAA studio. Was it another disgruntled employee? Was everybody safe?

Turns out the answer wasn't very exotic. It was just a drunk guy outside.

If you're worried that WFAA will get fined for one man's ill-advised outburst, they're probably in the clear. The FCC is more lenient with obscene content after 10 p.m., and their guidelines imply that they would take context into account for the content anyway.

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