Tom Hanks (left), Irma P. Hall (right) in "The Ladykillers."

Tom Hanks (left), Irma P. Hall (right) in "The Ladykillers."

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Dallas actress Irma P. Hall is joining the cast of Hap and Leonard as a "recurring guest star." Brian Dennehy will also join the cast.

The Sundance TV series is based on a series of detective novels by East Texas novelist Joe R. Lansdale, who also serves as an executive producer. 

Hap Collins (James Purefoy) and Leonard Pine (Michael K. Williams), as different as two friends can be, will again anchor the six episodes that start next year.

Production will start on the series' second season on Sept. 19 in Atlanta. The season is inspired by the second book in the series: Mucho Mojo. Leonard gets arrested for murder and the duo has to climb out of the mess he's in.

The first season was based on the first book in the series, Savage Season.

Hall will play MeMaw, a "neighborhood matriarch and a confidant to Hap and Leonard." Dennehy will play the sheriff, an "all-around boss-hog."

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