Josh Henderson, left, and Jesse Metcalfe rehearse a scene during production of the television series Dallas at Southfork Ranch in Parker, Texas. 

 Josh Henderson, left, and Jesse Metcalfe rehearse a scene during production of the television series Dallas at Southfork Ranch in Parker, Texas. 


Jesse Metcalfe was last seen around these parts as Christopher Ewing on the TNT reboot of Dallas.

Now, he's in a new series, Chesapeake Shores, which has been renewed for a second season on Hallmark Channel. 

He plays musician Trace Riley on the show, which is based on a book series by Sherryl Woods. Shores follows two former high school loves -- Meghan Ory (Red on Once Upon a Time) plays Abby O'Brien -- that return to their hometown. Romance ensues. Treat Williams and Diane Ladd also star.

We know Metcalfe is always good for taking off a shirt or two. Desperate Housewives, anyone? Passions? But this time, Metcalfe will get to show off something we haven't seen as much of -- his musical talent. He's a songwriter, and he has written music for the show.

It begs the question: What are some of the others from the continuation of Dallas-shot Dallas up to? R.I.P. Larry Hagman.

Josh Henderson

The Dallasite currently stars in The Arrangement on E! TV. The former John Ross Ewing plays a movie star -- action films, no less -- who offers a starlet a $10 million marriage contract after a whirlwind romance. And it's all because his  mentor's self-help organization, Institute for the Higher Mind, wants it that way. Leave it to E to turn rumor into TV and then deny it.

Linda Gray

Along with continually being fabulous, she was seen earlier in 2016's short film Wally's Will. That April, she won the award for Outstanding Performance Award at the 2016 USA Film Festival for the Matteo Mosterts comedy.

Patrick Duffy

He's signing copies of his novel, Man From Atlantis. Yes, it's a deep dive -- natch -- into the back story of Mark Harris, his character from the '70s TV show. According to his website, he's hoping to make the book into a series of books. He has also directed a couple of episodes of TNT's Major Crimes.

Jordana Brewster

The actress who played cousin-crossed love Elena Ramos can be seen as Dr. Maureen Cahill, a Los Angeles Police Department hostage negotiator and police psychologist with her hands full on Fox's television reboot of movie franchise Lethal Weapon. Of course, she's used to action; she's co-star of another action franchise, The Fast and the Furious.

Emma Bell

Emma Bell played rebellious Emma Brown, daughter of Bobby Ewing's wife Anne, on Dallas. Before that, she entered Wiki heaven as Amy on the first season of The Walking Dead. Last year, she was a guest star on shows such as Relationship Status on Verizon Wireless Go90 and TNT's Rizzoli & Isles and has a couple of short films, including Byoutiful. She plays young Emily Dickinson in A Quiet Passion (125 mins.), a biopic starring Cynthia Nixon as the older Dickinson that's set for release later this year.

Brenda Strong

She played the fractured Anne Ewing on Dallas. She was Queen Nia last season on the post-apocalyptic The 100 on the CW, which can be violent, vile, inhumane and awesome. Catch her next in a less warlord-like role -- or is it? -- in the Hallmark Channel original movie Love by Chance. Always working, it seems, she's set to continue narrating true-crime series Blood Relatives on Investigation Discovery. (Her character was also the narrator on Desperate Housewives, another show about murders committed among family.) She has a calmer side, though. She created Strong Yoga 4 Women, a website focused on "women's wellness worldwide," and received an honorary doctorate from Yo San University for some of her work.

Judith Light

Speaking of always working, Judith Light (Judith Ryland) has a way of being part of iconic projects. First came  Karen Wolek on ABC soap opera One Life to Live. Then there was Angela Bower on Who's the Boss?. And then she was my favorite judge on Law & Order: SVU. Now, she's a Golden Globe-nominated guiding light on Amazon Prime award-winning series Transparent, in which she plays Shelly Pfefferman, the former wife of lead Jeffrey Tambor's Maura.

Mitch Pileggi

You know you want Mitch Pileggi, who moved his family to Dallas while filming his role as scoundrel-mama's boy Harris Ryland on Dallas, to come back for more X-Files for Season 11. He is Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner. Fox co-chairman and CEO Dana Walden continues to say the network wants to bring back the show for a longer run, but faces some hurdles, according to TV Line and other reports. While you're waiting for confirmation, the show has gone the Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) route; your local comic books shop should be able to hook you up with The X-Files Season 11.

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