Chris Daughtry plays Judas and Jencarlos Canela plays Jesus in "The Passion," a two-hour musical event airing live from New Orleans on Palm Sunday, March 20. 

Chris Daughtry plays Judas and Jencarlos Canela plays Jesus in "The Passion," a two-hour musical event airing live from New Orleans on Palm Sunday, March 20. 

Michael Becker/FOX

Fox didn't waste any time getting back to a live musical. On Sunday, the network will air The Passion, which chronicles the last days of Jesus.

This isn't your regular Passion Play. This performance, produced and narrated by Tyler Perry, will unfold on the streets of New Orleans. 

The singers may overshadow the music, contemporary though it may be. In a stark departure from singer-actor Jencarlos Canela's antics on Telenovela, he will play Jesus. Country superstar Trisha Yearwood will play Mary; Chris Daughtry will play Judas; Prince Royce will play Peter; and Seal will play Pontius Pilate.

Entertainment Tonight's Nischelle Turner has joined the cast and will report live on the proceedings.

7 p.m. on FOX. 2 hours.


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