It was bound to happen.

We just can't be contained in a short video. So, come with us as we go on a fantastic voyage. "From the Hip" changes formats -- again, got a problem with that? -- and heads into all-new podcast territory.

We were just playing before, it seems. There's something freeing about talking to a good friend with just a microphone between the two of you. I think there were more apologies during this show than any before it, and I didn't even really get into much about Donald Trump this time.

Anyhoo, we talk our favorite TV shows, including The Haves and the Have Nots and anticipate Grease Live, which will air this Sunday, Jan. 31.

We ran roughshod over the Stacey Dash and talked about Twitter beefs left and right. Word to B.o.B., don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

Oprah, we love you. Maybe not your Weight Watchers commercial, but we love you. (As Chris Rock has noted in the past, you don't talk about Oprah.)

And, Barbie, well ... come see me when you have some cellulite.

Oh, and read the newspaper! After you press play on Episode 47 ....

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