I'm still sad about Craig Ferguson's departure from the Late Late show because he was hilarious. But new host James Corden is coming into his own rather quickly. Gone are the days when late night talk shows were simply about interviewing guests. Thanks, Internet. Now to be in the game with the Jimmys (Fallon and Kimmel) you need to think viral. 

On his debut episode, James Corden had Tom Hanks as a guest and got him to re-enact his biggest movies in eight minutes. It was hilarious. 

Last night he had another superstar for another fun skit that will most likely go viral (here I am posting it, so you're welcome, James). Corden went on a car ride with Mariah Carey and they sang some of her hits, spoke in different accents and had what it looked like a blast. Funny stuff. Check it out below.

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