Some of RuPaul's Drag Race finest contestants will be at South Side Music Hall in Dallas on March 24. On the show there will be lip-syncing, real singing, comedy, and a version of the Snatch Game that I've heard is hilarious. So, without further ado, here are some reasons why the show will be a blast. If you miss it in Dallas, you can see some of the other dates here.

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A is for Alaska. Listen, when season 5 of RuPaul's Drag Race  aired I was all aboard the Jinkx Monsoon train and while I still love her, Alaska 5000 has stolen my heart.  Alaska has been pretty active since her time on the show releasing a couple of fun music videos "Ru Girl" where she name-checks every contestant in the show's history and my favorite "Your Makeup is Terrible". On previous shows Alaska has done her impression of Dallas' own Laganja Estranja and I'm really hoping she does it in Dallas. If she doesn't thankfully we'll always have this video of it.

Iiiiiiivy Winterrrrrrs. First, I have to admit I wasn't Ivy Winter's biggest fan when she was on the show. Mainly because my attention was fully on Jinx and Alaska, but there's no denying that Ivy is one of the most talented performers on RuPauls Drag Race history. Not only is she a beast in costume-design, she can walk on stilts, and even juggle. On a previous Battle of the Seasons show, Ivy had around 7 costume changes in a matter of minutes and it was done in such a creative way that I can only hope she brings this act to Dallas.  #fingerscrossed

Drag Race Idol. Speaking of talent, I first knew of Adore Delano years ago, when she auditioned for American Idol as Danny Noriega. Danny was one of the first contestants to sass at Simon Cowell and I was living for every second of it. It comes as no surprise that one of Adore's biggest strengths is her voice. And in a world where every drag queen out there thinks she needs to release a single, Adore is the one who truly has the pipes to carry not only a single but a full album. Her album 'Till Death do us Party' has the best music that's ever come out of Drag Race. Check out her video for "I Adore You" it's better than what most pop stars have put out lately.

It's always monsoon season. Don't believe for a second that Jinkx Monsoon is not one of the main reasons to go to the show. Jinkx is possibly one of the strongest performers the show has ever seen, which is one of the reasons why she took over the hearts of the audience, me included, when her season aired. Her Little Edie on Snatch Game and her amazing lip-sync of Malambo No. 1  were two of Drag Race's most memorable moments and a sign of what a strong performer  Seattle's premiere narcoleptic Jewish drag queen really is.

Spooky queen. Sharon Needles' style of drag is one of the most exciting ones that we've seen on the show and one that many have tried to emulate. Her spooky style, eloquence and professionalism made her take the title on her season without much of a fight. Once I saw her walk the runway dressed as a scary zombie-vampire hybrid  I knew she was in for blood. I'm very excited to see her perform live.

We need some Detox. Lip-syncing? Check. Awesome style? Check. Some of the best catchphrases on the show? Check. Detox was one of the strongest performers on season 5 of Drag Race but it was possibly her look for the season's finale that made my jaw drop the most. She was a vision on black and white and it was so cool! 

I (don't) hate Michelle Visage. Michelle has been a judge on the show for a few seasons and the world is a better place for it. She's usually the one who calls out some of the queens who are getting out of line (hi, Laganja). Oh, and she was on the soundtrack to The Bodyguard so she may sing some tunes on the show. Most of all, I like Michelle because when she was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother UK she didn't shy away from put infamous bully Perez Hilton in his place.

Bianca del Rio for President. Yes, I left the best for last. #sorryboutit Bianca del Rio is not just a a drag queen, she is an incredible comedian. On season 6, Bianca was the front-runner from the get-go.  Her "clown make-up" at first made some wonder if  she could really make it all the way through the end but then she opened her mouth and all doubts were put to rest. Pretty much everything she said  was hilarious, rude and genius. Then she showed some love to fellow contestants and bam, the crown was hers. Bianca has a tour called Rolodex of Hate and ever since I heard about it I have been praying to the spirit of RuPaul for the show to come to Dallas.

Season 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race airs on Monday Nights on Logo TV. (Go Katya!)

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