American soul-food style of fancy Euro-flavors, North Texas serves a waffle for everyone

American soul-food style of fancy Euro-flavors, North Texas serves a waffle for everyone

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Fake-holiday sources tell us it's International Waffle Day, not to be confused with National Waffle Day (which is celebrated stateside on August 24 ) or the global home for pancake brethren.

Hot off the news that Taco Bell's bizarre breakfast waffle taco has gone the way of the 1980s' hilarious McDLT -- AP reported yesterday that it will be replaced with a buttery biscuit taco -- we rounded up five spots to get your waffle on any day in D-FW.

Waffles from a truck: What would improve a burger, a BLT or a Monte Cristo sandwich? Replacing buns or breads with waffles! Denton's Waffle Wagon's the most creative all-waffle-all-the-time station we've ever seen. Going "lite" for lunch? How about a waffle salad (OK, not actually "lite," but ... seriously, y'all, this exists).  From a sweet PB, bacon and banana offering to traditional breakfast style with eggs, muenster cheese and ham or sausage, Waffle Wagon's got you covered.

Denton's Waffle Wagon serves 'em Elvis-style with peanut butter and bananas. 

Denton's Waffle Wagon serves 'em Elvis-style with peanut butter and bananas. 

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Can't make it all the way to Little D? Brunch Truck DFW, often spotted at Truck Yard, doesn't focus exclusively on waffles, but it does put a ton of love in its Chicken and Waffle platter, which brings us to...

Why did the waffle cross the road? Remember when everyone in the world was serving chicken and waffles? The strong survived the fad. Today, you can get the classic soul-food dish at Big Mama's Chicken and Waffles or a fancy Oak Cliff version with coconut waffles and coconut/maple/chili syrup at Chicken Scratch. For something that bites back, Bread Winners' waffles are injected with jalapeno, bacon, and cheddar and served with your choice of cream gravy, "Henry's Hot Sauce," maple syrup or all three.

Pick a diner, any diner: This one's a no brainer. If you love waffles, most true-blue Texas indie diners press one better than Mama. To wit: Bill Smith's Café in McKinney, Norma's Cafe all over North Texas, Barbec's near White Rock Lake. Don't forget Jonathon's, Lucky's, Mama's Daughter's, and  the scads of great home-cookin' joints across north Texas.

Love American style waffles, but want to celebrate in true "International Day" style? Toulouse offers "French-influenced Belgian cuisine."  You know what the Belgians love? That's right, Belgium waffles with light and fluffy whipped cream and mixed berries.

Waffles for dessert:  Slathered in syrup, waffles are already an all-day treat. With the weather heating up, it's not too early to grab a cold treat from the CoolHaus truck. Build your own ice cream sandwich pairing their coming-soon Fried Chicken and Waffles ice cream -featuring "maple candied chicken skins" -- with any of their 20 cookie flavors. Stay on theme with the Maple Flapjack or the Vegan Ginger Molasses or let the ice cream speak for itself on a classic Peanut Butter base.

Waffles by another name, The McGriddle:  We're not recommending you hit up Micky D's. But the McGriddle - essentially an Egg McMuffin topped with two "maple infused" waffles instead of the muffin - was deemed the doomed Waffle Taco's main competitor. Consumer Report pitted the two and said the McGriddle is "quite greasy," but won out in taste tests based on better "bacon and cheese flavors." So there's that, if you're in a pinch.

May we suggest Waffle House instead? It's not just for lovers anymore.

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