An Iliad

Undermain Theatre will present "An Iliad" Feb. 6-March 3. Bruce DuBose, left, also starred in the theater's 2012 production of the play (pictured).

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In the spirit of celebration of 35 years of cutting edge performance, Undermain establishes its Repertoire Series to honor the gems of its production history, with a reboot of An Iliad, and reviving this landmark production from 2012 starring Bruce DuBose and Paul Semrad and directed by Undermain Artistic Director Katherine Owens.

An Iliad, by Lisa Peterson and Denis O’Hare, is a modern-day retelling of Homer's classic. Poetry and humor, the ancient tale of the Trojan War and the modern world collide in this captivating theatrical experience. The setting is simple: the empty theater. The time is now: the present moment. The lone figure onstage is a storyteller—possibly Homer, possibly one of the many bards who followed in his footsteps. He is fated to tell this story throughout history.

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