Friday the 13th Ghost Tour

The plaza at Old Town Lewisville

2016 File Photo/Shannon Sutlief

Friday the 13th Ghost Tour at

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Your local psychic tour guides, Cindy Ross & Vale Morehouse welcome you. This 90 minute after dark tour through Old Town Lewisville is family friendly for all ages from 10 to 105. The tour will discuss not just the ghosts we may encounter on the ghost walk, but the true history of the Lewisville area beginning in the 1800s to the present day. By doing this, it is easier for us to understand the ghost sightings that we have had in the past and are currently still experiencing. Patrons of the Gateway Ghost Tour will get to experience real paranormal activities. Ghost meters are available on the walking tour. Our ghost enthusiasts will be able to enjoy hands on experience the old-fashioned way with the use of pendulums and divining rods.

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