So You Think You Can Dance Tour

"So You Think You Can Dance" contestant Taylor Sieve (left) dances with Robert Roldan.

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On a TV show where the rules seem to change all the time, I think they might have finally gotten this season right. The producers picked 10 finalists for the show -- not 20, and not little kids -- and all 10 finalists will be on the "SYTYCD" Tour. For fans like me who watch from the very beginning, that means all your favorite dancers, not just some of them, will be touring through Dallas-Fort Worth (barring any injuries). I'm also jazzed about the two all-stars selected for the tour, Jasmine Harper and Marko German. (Robert Roldan is obviously the best all-star, but he's probably busy being successful and adorable.) If you love dance, this evening's performances will likely be unforgettable.

Tickets on sale Friday, Aug. 25, 10 a.m.
Top 10 finalists from Season 14 of the Fox TV show will perform live on stage. The line-up includes Robert Green, Logan Hernandez, Lex Ishimoto, Okine Iwasaki, Daisy Lee, Kaylee Millis, Kiki Neche, Taylor Sieve, Sydney Torey and Mark Villager. Also joining the Top 10 finalists are two of the show's All-Stars -Jasmine Harper and Marko German.

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