Girlie Night: Pride and Prejudice

The Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson

Alexandra Olivia/Special Contributor

Girlie Night: Pride and Prejudice at

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Two words: Mr. Darcy.

Seriously, this description should just end there because WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED? What more does any woman need than the brooding, handsome, totally swoon-worthy Mr. Darcy? Ok, well, Pemberly doesn't hurt. Nor do all of the fancy balls and gorgeous dresses and romantic intrigue and... yep, Elizabeth Bennet is one lucky (and most deserving) lady.

Now, you may be one of those Jane Austen purists who will only watch the BBC version with Colin Firth (which is, admittedly, a masterpiece). If so, we feel the need to point out that you may have missed the point of the story: it's not good to be prideful OR prejudiced! Give Joe Wright's version a chance, and within minutes you'll be enchanted by the breathtaking cinematography, lively humor, simmering passion and even the non-Colin-Firth Mr. Darcy (which is not, as it turns out, an oxymoron).
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