Cheep Thrills Trained Bird Show

A child enjoys activities at Traders Village in Grand Prairie.

Ron Baselice/The Dallas Morning News

Cheep Thrills Trained Bird Show at

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Since its debut over 30 years ago, Cheep Thrills has entertained literally millions of people in theme and safari parks, oceanariums, casinos, zoos, shopping malls, pet stores and shows, and various other attractions across America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and abroad. The show creates a spell-binding aura of intrigue as trained Macaws and Cockatoos perform unusual feats of balance, memory and coordination in an exciting and fast paced 20 minute review. A special blend of animal talent, musical coordination and timing combine to make each performance a standing room only crowd pleaser wherever it is displayed.

Admission to Traders Village is free, and it’s just $4 to park.
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