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In 2014, after almost a decade and a handful of albums, San Antonio’s Nina Diaz decided to take a break from her band. Girl in a Coma, the trio she created her artistic identity with, has been praised as a trailblazing all-female Latina punk band, but Diaz was ready to experiment with a wider palette of sounds and textures. Her solo debut, The Beat is Dead, wraps lyrics when she was in the throes of heavy addiction with electro-synth, pop and metal-tinged arrangements. Now sober, Diaz offers vibrant clarity. As a solo artist, Diaz offers her truth in an undeniably individual way.

A member of the Latina punk band Girl in a Coma, Nina Diaz performs new solo works on the 2nd story party pad at LSA Burger Co. on the Square in Denton. Correction: This listing formerly listed Diaz as a former member of Girl in a Coma. She's a current member.

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