Father John Misty

Father John Misty frontman Joshua Tillman, left, performs with his band at the Granada Theater on Wednesday, April 22 2015 in Dallas, Texas.

Gregory Castillo/The Dallas Morning News

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Josh Tillman, better known these days as enigmatic crooner Father John Misty, is an ideal rock star for the internet age. Rather than bathe himself in mystery or take cover in his alter ego, the former Fleet Foxes drummer dives into the deep end of the modern celebrity-worship landscape in a way that’s at once satirical and sincere. Whether he’s responding to critics in the comments section of an online album review or posting silly songs online that poke fun at other famous people, Father John Misty seems to take his role as provocateur seriously. Or perhaps, he doesn’t — and we’ve all been had.

Father John Misty's new album Pure Comedy drops on April 7th.

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