Another Murder, Another Show

Pegasus Theatre presents a series of Harry Hunsacker comedy murder mysteries starring (from left) Chad Cline as Lt. Foster, Scott Nixon as Harry Hunsacker, and Ben Bryant as Nigel Grouse.

James Nelms

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Pegasus Theatre presents a RadioVizion reading of Kurt Kleiman's comedy murder mystery Another Murder, Another Show!

It’s the night of The Wallys — an awards show that honors excellence in theater — and last-minute rehearsals are under way. Stumbling into the wrong theater are Harry Hunsacker, would-be actor turned would-be detective, and Nigel Grouse, Harry’s paid-by-the-hour assistant and friend. Before they can be ushered out of the theater a murder is committed. Harry has a plan to sleuth out the identity of the murderer: He and Nigel will adopt a series of disguises to keep the murderer off-balance and make him (or her) think an army of famous detectives is hot on the trail.

RadioVizion evokes the experience of beign in a live radio studio of the 1930s and '40s complete with fun sound effects and costumed actors.

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