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Stay after the credits for an exclusive look at the making of ARRIVAL with Amy Adams and Denis Villeneuve.

Generally speaking, when extraterrestrials land on Earth, we've got a pretty good idea what they came for: they want to make friends (E.T.), they want to wipe us out and take our natural resources (WAR OF THE WORLDS), or they just want to breakdance inside a McDonald's (MAC AND ME).

So, what do the aliens of Denis Villeneuve's ARRIVAL want? Solving that mystery is one of ARRIVAL's greatest pleasures, along with a parade of outstanding performances (expect awards consideration for leads Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner), jaw-droppingly beautiful cinematography (from Bradford Young), and an incredibly clever script from Eric Heisserer (based on a short story by Ted Chiang).

2017 Academy Award Nominee - BEST PICTURE
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