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In 1995, Batman would be brought back to the big screen following two very successful feature films by Tim Burton, changing hands to THE LOST BOYS and FALLING DOWN director Joel Schumacher. The result would be BATMAN FOREVER. Gone was Burton's expressionistic, gothic aesthetic; replaced by something decidedly more flamboyant, colorful and altogether 90s in design. The cast reads like a who's who of that decades screen players: Val Kilmer as Batman, Chris O'Donnell as Robin, Jim Carrey as Ridler, Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, Nicole Kidman as Dr. Chase. Though initially poorly received - albeit not as much as Schumacher's follow-up BATMAN & ROBIN - BATMAN FOREVER is undeniably cinematic, offering a portryal of The Caped Crusader that feels wholly unique and full of energy. Features a hit soundtrack with music from Seal, U2, The Offspring and Brandy.
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