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Witness the rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust... er, sort of. In director Todd Haynes's ode to the glam era, Christian Bale plays Arthur Stuart, a Brit reporter in 1984 New York begrudgingly tasked by his editor to do a "Where are they Now" piece on Brian Slade, a glittery, androgynous Bowie-esque glam superstar. Slade dominated the charts in 1974, only to mysteriously disappear from the limelight completely after staging his own on-stage "assassination."

Through flashbacks to his own turbulent adolescent days as a glam fanboy and interviews with those who knew Slade, Arthur pieces together some of the mystery of who Slade was and what he might be up to now. Much like his more critically and commercially successful homage to Dylan, 2007's I'M NOT THERE, Haynes masterfully blurs fact and legend, people and personas, into one fantastic cinematic mash. Sure, the history is dubious (Bowie certainly thought so and sadly refused to let his music be used), but that's totally beside the point: his vision of the era is so completely captivating it's bound to leave a little glitter on your collar
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