Willis Week: The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout


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One’s a deadbeat private detective, the other’s a disgraced former NFL quarterback. But when they team up together there’s no murder they can’t solve or pro sports corruption they can’t unearth. Long before Shane (LETHAL WEAPON, KISS KISS BANG BANG) Black was writing and directing IRON MAN 3, he was turning out action movie gems for the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson. Black was hot off of LETHAL WEAPON 2 just as the stars of Tony Scott (TOP GUN), Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans aligned, and the world was blessed with THE LAST BOY SCOUT. They truly don’t make them like this any more, so don't miss this evening of violence, friendship and topless dancers. The goal of this game...is to survive.

See the film as a part of Willis Week celebrating the actor's 60th birthday!
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